Mobile Apps
Native Built
For your Restaurant

Improve the reach and scale of your restaurant online, while also increasing brand loyalty and chances of conversions with online ordering for your restaurant. Ordú Apps are built separately for iOS and Android, taking full advantage of the processing speed of the device to ensure flawless performance.

branded android and ios native ordering apps

branded android and ios native ordering apps

Native iOS and
Android Apps

See the performance of individual stores and compare with all stores in one place

branded android and ios native ordering apps delivering

Device Location

Your restaurant branded App in your customer’s phone

branded android and ios native ordering apps

Customisable &

Your restaurant branded App in your customer’s phone

A White Label
Ordering Platform System

  • Sell under your own restaurant brand
  • Cost of product is drastically reduced
  • MVP is already proven
  • Scaled to your businesses needs
  • Ongoing development ensures your product remains current with today’s technology

branded android and ios native ordering apps


branded android and ios native ordering apps with push notifications


Promote products & orders using
Push Notifications

Push notifications are a way to speak directly to a user. Click-through rates can be twice as high as email. Promote your orders, products and offers, improve customer experience and increase conversions.

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Branded App’s
For Multiple Restaurants & Franchises

Keep your own established restaurant across all your locations. Increase the attractiveness of your operating model to franchisees. Add value to both the customer experience and overall operations.


Branded App’s
For Single Restaurant location

A customer experience that you can control. Bring your customer back from the Market Places and directly to your Restaurants.

Features & More…

Device Location

Suggest nearest business using device location services and, if applicable, delivery area settings configured via Admin site.

Customisable Products

Highly customisable product options to suit your particular business. Deliver exactly what your customers want, thereby increasing sales and fueling customer loyalty.

Recommended Products

Display recommended products on a per product basis. Have full control and show relevant products to upsell to your customers.

Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods available e.g. Card, PayPal, Click and Collect.

Natively built branded Apps

Native iOS and Android apps are built separately, for flawless performance and consistent UI’s.

QR code Reader

QR code reader for table/parking space ordering

A Flexible Platform
Designed to work with
Diverse Product Range

From individual products that need to offer a high level of choice to the customer, to product bundles that allow customers to pick and choose within a set range of products, Ordú allows for a high level of customisation, while offering only the services that your restaurant needs.

online order management platform - Ordu

Start the Process

Get more orders out the door with an online ordering system on your own branded website or app and break free from aggregators eating into your profits.