Self-Service Kiosk
Improve Process
& Sell more

Kiosks that streamline your operational processes, increase staff productivity and enhance the quality of your service. Our user-centric design for kiosks keeps your customers coming back for more.

You can increase
Revenues by 30%

Our self-service kiosks help reduce your overhead by allowing your business to reallocate staff to other areas of importance which streamlines operational processes and in turn improves productivity in your restaurant.

Skipping Queues
& Happy Customers

Kiosks give customers greater control when deciding what to order and also reduce the margin for human error in the ordering process. We believe in using customer-centric design to provide you with a superior service.

Web & App based

Add more store fronts to your restaurants by having an App on your customer’s phone and a customer facing website, all created around your brand.

Order Management

Handle purchases and track orders for all your stores. Ordú offers a powerful system with a simplified interface to manage your orders easily.

Secure Payments

Ordú uses reliable payment providers that comply with PCI DSS certification.

Built on Scalable AWS

Your applications are continually monitored to make sure that they are operating at the desired performance levels.

Easy onboarding

Great system design and UI allows for brief and effective onboarding for your customers, your staff and management.

POS integrations

Connect Ordú’s online ordering, mobile apps and back-end system integration to your business’s POS system’s API.

Marketing Tools

Use push notifications and loyalty systems to identify, gather and grow your customer base.

Reports & Analytics

Track KPI’s for all your stores, gather insights into customer behaviour and easily export filtered sales, orders and customer insight reports.

Easy Menu Manager

Create one main menu for all your stores. Additional menus can also be created for one or several different stores, managed from a central source.

Start the Process

Get more orders out the door with an online ordering system on your own branded website or app and break free from aggregators eating into your profits.