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Irish Online Ordering System for Restaurants Designed to grow direct orders & reduce commission costs from Deliveroo and similar sites

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Helping Irish Restaurants get more Direct Orders

Get an advanced ordering site with your brand on it!

A full suite of Digital Ordering tools for your Restaurant.
Free unlimited menus and a customer experience that you can control. Get all the benefits of a dedicated food online ordering system at a cost-effective price.

Online Food Ordering Platform

A Platform to
Grow your Brand

Ordú allows you to maintain and grow your restaurant’s brand, your way!

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Enterprise-Level Ordering for Restaurants and takeaways

Designed for

Ordú allows you to integrate a comprehensive solution, cost-effectively.

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POS integrations and driver delivery apps qr codes table ordering

FREE Setup, Integrations &

POS integrations, Delivery driver connect, device location services, QR codes and more.

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A fully integrated
hub for your restaurant

Manage your online ordering with a branded website and apps, past present and future statistics

Our Customers

Our Online Ordering Platform is used by…

A full restaurant platform of products for
Online Ordering & Fulfilment

Designed for the best
Customer Experience

…Just like your business

The Ordú ordering system for restaurants offers great user experience to your customers. Everything happens as expected and there are no interruptions. Similarly, Ordú handles critical situations in the online ordering process for your business. Your staff can do their job, in the best way possible.

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Ordú Online Food Ordering is Designed for the best Customer Experience

Online Ordering


Allow your customers to buy direct from you and reduce commission

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Branded Website


A customer-facing website created around your brand

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Native Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Your own restaurant branded App in your customer’s phone

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Home Delivery


Apps for your drivers to deliver orders to your customers

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Table Ordering


QR code system to allow customers to order to the table

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Kiosks & Self Service

Kiosks &
Self Service

Kiosks to allow customers to self-service & up-sell to

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Integrations & Innovations

& Innovations

Connectivity through our API to connect to tills and systems

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Order Management


Ordú allows you to build your brand your way!

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Car Parking Delivery

Car Parking

Ordú allows your customer to order to Car Parking Space!

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Low commission rates

Our Solutions are Priced to allow you to do business!


Less than 10


Order Fee

Per Transaction Fee

+ Payment Gateway fee

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10 > 50


Order Fee

Per Transaction Fee

+ Payment Gateway fee

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More than 50


Order Fee

Per Transaction Fee

+ Payment Gateway fee

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Mega Chains

For the Multinational Brands

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Get more direct orders out the door with an online ordering system for your own restaurant’s branded website or app.

Break free from Market Places eating into your profits!

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